As global technology moves forward, so must agricultural practices. Calcium prills have gained a lot of attention due to the ease of application, cost and benefits as opposed to conventional liming practices. We exclusively supply the Eastern Cape with calcium prills manufactured by Idwala.

A few key features include:

  • Ultra fine, typically 40micron granules to ensure efficacy in your soil
  • Massive reduction in waste (the cloud you see when spreading lime is the finer particles which is the good stuff mostly not reaching where it is needed)
  • Less compaction caused during application
  • Cost reduction:
    • Can be spread with a normal fertiliser spreader which most farmers already have... no need for expensive equipment
    • Less diesel required
    • Less storage
    • When applying maintenance amounts, you only apply 10 to 15% of your lime recommendation
  • Very quickly correct soil deficiency. Under pivots results can be seen in as little as 3 to 4 weeks


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